C.N. Hill Mystery Book Series

Release Date - February 2023

Still Waters: A Paranormal Mystery

Jenna Rayne Mystery Book 3 of 3

by C. N. Hill  (Author) 

A silent witness, a missing teenager, and a lost guardian..
Allison McTierney died on Halloween night—brutally attacked and dumped in a backwoods pond, witnessed by a nonverbal little girl named Adrienne. Who killed Allison is a question D. I. Wheeler needs answered, and he turns to Jenna Rayne for help.
But the spirit is just as uncertain as to who wielded the club that killed her. And to find out what Adrienne saw may be beyond Jenna’s abilities. Somehow they must all work together to solve the mystery before the killer gets one of them in his sights.

The River House: A Paranormal Mystery

Jenna Rayne Mystery Book 1 of 3

by C. N. Hill  (Author)  

The spirit world has always called to Jenna, with terrifying results–the Hanged Lady and the mysterious black mass haunt her nights. She had tried to turn her back on it until an old friend asked for help.

Hidden in a cabin on the river is a decades-old murder with a ghost. Who it is and why it is there are secrets Jenna needs to uncover. With her friends Rob and Kerrie, Jenna begins to untangle the clues that will lead to a killer’s identity. But someone doesn’t want her talking to the spirits on the river, and accidents start to dog her heels. It soon becomes clear that the more she explores her talents, the more she endangers herself and those around her. Somehow they need to find the murderer before the murderer finds them.

Coming October 2022

End The Road: A Paranormal Mystery

Jenna Rayne Mystery Book 2 of 3

by C. N. Hill  (Author) 

A marked medium, a death row inmate, and a secretive ghost

Jenna is haunted by the ghosts of her past. But when a mysterious letter arrives, she faces her own demons to save a man’s life.

Reggie Poulk is set to die for a murder he did not commit. His plea is simple—for Jenna to talk to the dead girl and find out who did kill her. What she says sends Jenna on a roller coaster search to try to prove Reggie innocent.. and catch the real murderer before he catches her. But why is she also being attacked by the heinous black masses, and who is Aidan, her mysterious guardian? As she works to unravel the mystery of Hannah Dalton’s murder, she will need to rely ever more on her friends and her instincts as a medium